Hello everyone!

Welcome to this amazing blog called ‘Into the Pensieve’. Here on ‘Into the Pensieve’ we are two writers. My name is Esha and the other person writing on this blog is Lucy.

Now, you may be wondering why we chose the name ‘Into the Pensieve’. Let me explain.

Well, Lucy and I are obsessed with Harry Potter. If you have watched or read  Harry Potter, you will know that there is a thing called a pensieve. Click HERE to read more about it. All these posts that we will write are called ‘Memories’ as the things you put into the pensieve are memories.

On this blog we will be writing about, first of all, HARRY POTTER and some other interesting things. Hopefully you will love our blog!! Both Lucy and I also have our own individual blogs.

Here are the links: ESHA- http://thisandthat.edublogs.org/ and LUCY- http://lucysmulticolouredblog.edublogs.org/

Oh! There is one more vital thing I have to tell you. Lucy and I have nicknames. Not just any nicknames, Harry Potter nicknames. Lucy is Mel and I am Double S. Here is how we got those names.

Well, somehow Lucy turned out to be called Mad-eye. (You know, the guy from Harry Potter with a magical eye?) Anyway, to make the long story short, Mad-eye Moody changed into Mad-eye Lucy and if you take the first letter from each word it spells Mel. As for me, I wanted to be Snape. We (Lucy and my other friends) realised that Snape’s initials are SS. That is how I became Double S. If you want to read further about this, Mel has written a  post on her individual blog that explains more… Here it is: All about how we got out nicknames

Well, we will be posting more soon!

Double S