I’m Mel and this is the first post I have written on this blog!

I don’t really know what to write, so I have decided to take a journey into the Pensieve, which mean that I will go back into my memories of funny things that have happened in my life.

One of the most funny things would probably be when Double S called our friend ‘Lunch’. I think it was because Double S was thinking about her lunch, and she passed our friend in the hallway and said ‘Hi Lunch’. It was really strange.

A second funny thing would be when we were practicing a play with our friends and we had a camera and I was being stupid and I was being so emotional and in the end I gave Double S a hug and Double S gave me one back and our friend Sophie took a picture and it looked like Double S was kissing me. I PROMISE WITH ALL MY HEART THAT WE WERE NOT!

Anyway, those are a few memories… Double S and I will write more soon!